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Audiologist at Tahoe Hearing Clinic. CA examining a patient's ears

What To Expect

When you visit our hearing center, you will always be treated with the utmost care and respect. Because we are a family-owned practice, Dr. Jenelle Sandy or Rob Sandy will always greet you upon arrival. Whether you are visiting our office for your own hearing health or for your child, the initial appointment will be broken into a few steps.

Audiologist at Tahoe Hearing Clinic. CA examining a patient's ears
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We will have you fill out some paperwork and then have a conversation. We want to understand you or your child’s hearing situation, medical history, and family history.

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Then we will perform an ear exam by looking inside the ears at your eardrum and ear canal for any signs of infection, earwax impaction, or damage.

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After we’ve checked your ears, then we will begin the hearing test. We offer diagnostic hearing tests for newborns, pediatrics, and adults. The purpose of the hearing exam is to assess how well you or your child can hear sounds at various frequencies.

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We will go over the results of the hearing exam with you and work together to create a custom-tailored solution.


Tahoe Family Hearing Clinic is conveniently located at 2074 Lake Tahoe Blvd, in Suite 9. We are located in the Y area in the same plaza as Tahoe Valley Pharmacy.

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